How to find matching color art prints and posters

While contrasting colors in art prints and posters can brighten up a room, matching colors or monochromes can create a very consistent “theme” and give a “designed” look.

Here are some tips for matching art prints and posters:

1. Decide on a color. Think about whether you want the room to look cool (darker blues and greens, grays) or warm (reds, oranges, yellows), or airy (lighter blues, greens, tans, off-whites).

2. Think about whether you’d like very consistent shades of the same color, or a monochrome range of shades. For example, the city-scapes below all have similar skies, whereas some of the other examples have many shades.

3. Use the PostersByColor app to find art prints and posters that match your selected color tones.

Example #1: Dusk city-scapes

I think cities might just look their best around this time…

Houston  Park View Dallas  Texas Edinburgh  Scotland Blue City

Example #2: Warm abstracts and semi-abstracts

Here, a small range of warm colors (burnt red and orange) is combined. The use of abstract and semi-abstract art prints and posters creates an overall effect rather than focusing on the details.

Lichen Garden Isolated I MGB  1962 Burning Heart Parallel Following I Weekly Abstract Berger massai II Mechanical Maze The Kiss Compartments II

Example #3: Shades of green in nature

Hold on a minute. One of these isn’t found in nature…

White Daisies Zen Frog Field of Poppies Butterfly Flower on Green The Haunting Magic of an American Barn I

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