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How to find matching color art prints and posters

While contrasting colors in art prints and posters can brighten up a room, matching colors or monochromes can create a very consistent theme and give a designed look.

Designing with bright, contrasting colors

If it matches your sense of style, nothing livens up a room like some contrast. High-contrast art prints and posters stand out; it's no good using them for subtle background decorations.

Tips for decorating with earth tones

When you decorate with earth-tones, the result can't help but tug at our memories of the outdoors. Soil, clay, trees, lakes, and the sky are all represented in this palette of mainly browns, tans, greens, blues, grays, off-whites, and certain rich reds.

What is complementary color?

Explains the concepts behind complementary color, which can create color schemes that really "pop" through the use of contrast. Gives several examples of art prints and posters that have complementary colors to each other.